About US

About us
NOMD Holding Co is privately owned company and part of Future Horizons
Group based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We invest in different ICT field such as IoT,
Big Data, Digital Education, Digital Marketing, ICT infrastructure and ICT distribution.​

Our Vision
To shape the future of the regional digital economies to create great values to
our people.

Our Mission
To lead the investment in the fast growing disruptive technologies of tomorrow’s
digital world delivered by the local talents.

Areas of expertise

Internet of the things IoT
To invest in solutions such as smart cities, smart transportations, smart buildings, smart hajj and umrah and smart industries.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
To invest in data analytical BI, big data and AI.

Digital Education, Health and Marketing
To invest in interactive education, and digital health, digital content and digital marketing.

ICT Infrastructure
To invest in building ICT infrastructure including such as OSP fiber optic network, GSM and ISP infrastructure.

ICT Distribution
To invest in ICT distribution channels.

Advance Security
To invest in advance security solutions such as anti-drone, IAM, 4CI solutions.

Our investement



Contact Us

NOMD Holding Co
7086 Al Abbas Ibn Abdulmutalib, 2902, Riyadh 12475
Phone: +96611 451 8600
Fax : +96611 419 0033
E-mail: [email protected]

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