Building succes for a Great Nation
Building succes for a Great Nation

We are passionate to add value to the society through technology oriented investments.

As a regional reference of IoT solutions, active for 10 years in the telematics domain, machinestalk, NOMD subsidiary, promises customers cutting-edge diversified solutions that give them the essential insight to run efficient operations.As a national leading IoT-based solutions provider, machinestalk team, eco-system, platform and services will grant enterprises the necessary insight to maximize efficiency and reinforce scalability.With four main offices, machinestalk is proudly trusted by more than 2000 public and private entities in Saudi Arabia. machinestalk ecosystem surely stands out in this fragmented, highly competitive, and rapidly changing yet promising market. It takes many players, like hardware providers, programmers, technical support and customer service, to come up with a solid IoT solution.

Following Vision 2030 of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Ubusiness Co. aims to provide unique services as a strategic partner of Mobily, the best option for small and medium sized companies through our strong leadership in the telecom market by 2025. Our vision enhances to combine digital communication with development in telecom sector which promotes building and investing passionate youth to develop the economy and build the great investment force in various fields.

Future Horizons was founded in 1996 and grew from a small contracting firm to a multi-million Saudi Riyals company. The company comprises of a number of departments, which collaborate to form a prominent entity of various activities that include telecommunications, electro mechanical, civil, environmental, and structural.

Future Horizons prides itself for understanding client’s needs and requirements, committing its resources to achieve results, retaining a core of loyal and honest professional and knowledgeable staff, delivering added value, and building meaningful relationship with its clients and partners.

Future Horizons has more than 20 years of successful track record supplying high quality projects.